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What Problems Were You Created To Solve? Pt.2

Bible Reading: Jn.2:1-11

Text: Jn. 2:9


When the ruler of the feast had tasted the water that was made wine, and knew not whence it was: (but the servants which drew the water knew;) the governor of the feast called the bridegroom.


Like in most homes, the family of Jesse gave responsibilities to every child in the house and it was the lot of the youngest boy, David to look after the few sheep that the father kept. 

The instruction was clear, he was to take them around and let them feed and keep them from harm’s way. Nobody told David to attack a lion or a bear. 

But each time a lion came to harras the sheep, David gave a fight. He did not shirk in his responsibility. He did not run away. Whether it was a lion or bear. He ensured nothing took the sheep away.

And so it was not a big deal on the day he took groceries to his brothers and he came upon a situation that he was familiar with: Goliath coming to harras the people of God.

David did not say, after all I am only sent to check on what is going on here. The lion in him could not ignore the challenge. And so, he responded according to his ability. And that is what is called responsibility: to respond to challenges according to one’s ability.

What do you say of Jesus at the wedding of Cana? He was invited like every other guest. He was just to come eat, drink, celebrate with the couple and go away. But not Jesus. The wine had finished and it was obvious the new couple were in an embarrassing situation.

Jesus, did not look away. He did what he knew he could do. The killing of Goliath announced the arrival of David on the scene of destiny. The miracle of turning water to wine announced the arrival of Jesus on the scene.
What is going to announce you? What do you know you can do? What lion and bear have you been killing in secret? 

It’s time to begin to respond according to your abilities. 

Let Us Pray.
1. Thank you for your creative strength in me oh Lord.

2. Oh Lord God, reveal to me the strength and the power of your glory in my life.

3. Thank you for answered prayers oh Lord.

Daily Spiritual Journal.

Abraham Olayiwola

Abraham Olayiwola is a dynamic Pastor host regular Empowerment and faith based seminar, an annual social development project, financial and business seminar where believers are taught the undiluted biblical principles and how it can be applied directly in their situations to produce a desirable and lasting result.

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