Jesus Christ and His Lessons: He Never Bent the Truth.

Jesus Christ and His Lessons: He Never Bent the Truth.

Bible Reading: Lk. 2:42-49

Text: Lk. 2:46


And it came to pass, that after three days they found him in the temple, sitting in the midst of the doctors, both hearing them, and asking them questions.


Jesus Christ understood the role and importance of his mandate on earth, that he was not to please anybody but to bring the mind of God to reality in the lives of men. 

There are reasonings that hinder men from fulfilling the agenda of God concerning their lives, but Jesus defied such mindsets in his days.

He focused on the fulfilment of his destiny, paid the price for it, and gave all that believed in him the map to their respective destination in life.

In our text for reading, Jesus purposefully waited behind when his parents returned from the feast at Jerusalem, to listen to and engage men with doctorates in the matters of scriptures and the law.

He made them to realise the flaws in their arguments and perception and helped them to see the light and to understand more perfectly the things they claimed to have mastered.

There is always a difference when you listen to the author of life himself.
Friend, accepting the Lord Jesus Christ is the best thing that can happen to any individual, his words give light and in his presence is life evermore.

Let Us Pray.
1. Thank you oh Lord for the expositions of your personality to the human family.

2. Oh Lord God, change me totally to suit your agenda per time.

3. Thank you for answered prayers Lord.


Daily Spiritual Journal.

Abraham Olayiwola

Abraham Olayiwola is a dynamic Pastor host regular Empowerment and faith based seminar, an annual social development project, financial and business seminar where believers are taught the undiluted biblical principles and how it can be applied directly in their situations to produce a desirable and lasting result.

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