Power of Purpose

Power of Purpose

Bible Reading: Dan. 6:1-17

Text: Dan. 6:3


Then this Daniel was preferred above the presidents and princes, because an excellent spirit was in him; and the king thought to set him over the whole realm.


There is nobody on the earth that his life void of the lord divine agenda or the dictate of the lord. Many are on the cross road of dreadful dilemma because such individual’ life is not tape measure in God’ prominent opinion and decision.

God would not have succeeded in his detailed architectural work, humanitarian support projects, spiritual reformation in the area of saving souls etc without a proper and sound purpose which connected to his projected results.

Purpose is simply living according to the plan and decision of the lord for your life on the earth; this give a clear picture and rightly define the reason for your living.

The essence and important of your purpose in life cannot be compared to any desirable opinion or what seems good and acceptable to you and welcome by any personality.

Purpose is very powerful and living it is a core desires of the lord for your life.

It has the power to break-lose the locked doors of privileges and hindered opportunities. Your purpose is your creative power of victory regard any battles of life, naturally help you gain relevancy because you allows yourself to be use by the lord for an ascertain success of others.

Let Us Pray.

1. Thank you oh lord for your designed and accredited assignment for my life.

2. Oh lord God, help me to stick to your purpose for my life.

3. Thank you for an answered prayers oh Lord.


Daily Spiritual Journal.

Abraham Olayiwola

Abraham Olayiwola is a dynamic Pastor host regular Empowerment and faith based seminar, an annual social development project, financial and business seminar where believers are taught the undiluted biblical principles and how it can be applied directly in their situations to produce a desirable and lasting result.

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