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What Wisdom is: Understudying the Situation.

Bible Reading: Est.5:3-9

Text: Est.5:4


And Esther answered, If it seem good unto the king, let the king and Haman come this day unto the banquet that I have prepared for him.


Wisdom is acting God through your action, character, attitude, disposition with his divine corrective measured.

This story of Esther is centre on so many proactive and living subject of life and there is none of this subjects that is not needable for an ascertain outcome,result, success and breakthrough in life.

Esther as a queen to  number one citizens of the nation has some constitutional right over some particular situations within the country even outside the country territory because her husband also has other nation under his jurisdiction but she never for one time as a queen act authoritatively against the wish of the people.

Wisdom demand more than being quiet from you, she was very slow to report the matter to the king for she was observing and waiting for the right time; timing is also very essential consigning any matter be it physical or spiritual for the situation not to turn out to be a fire on a fresh wound.

She won the heart of the king to herself for the safety of her life and bought a reasonable scores for the Jews through her carefulness and knowing what to do.

Haman continue committing a punishable offences which has totally destroyed his good moral among his family, associates and the nation generally. 

Esther never aired her report but using the strange banquet to buy more credibility and favour of God for an ascertained victory.

She wanted a justifiable verdict for the Jews not settlement or amendment of written constitutional statement against the people of God which she needs to caught the interest of the king consigning it.

Let Us Pray.

1. Thank you oh lord for your creative and constructive wisdom over all and situations.

2. Oh lord God, let your wisdom be the scepter of my life.

3. Thank you for an answered prayers oh Lord.


Daily Spiritual Journal.

Abraham Olayiwola

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