What Wisdom is: An Irresistible Aura of God.

What Wisdom is: An Irresistible Aura of God.

Bible Reading: Est.7:1-5

Test: Est.7:3


Then Esther the queen answered and said, If I have found favour in thy sight, O king, and if it please the king, let my life be given me at my petition, and my people at my request.


Wisdom of God in you define your cause and established the truth of the lord manifestation in your life.

This kind of case Esther brought before the king sometimes very easy to lost because of the involved personality,   the leader of the king cabinets, very trusted allied of the king and principality personified.

If she failed to be directed by the spirit of the lord, she will not only lost the case but will be banishes as a queen in the presence of the king which will give the complainer a stronger and better legal ground to carry out his evil motive.

Esther in this picture displayed an unexpected wisdom that made the case a won case before pronouncement, don’t forget that Haman is not only diabolical but also one of the strong principalities of the nation against the Jews and even the king himself but his power and authority were all destroyed in the presence of God in the life of Esther during the meeting.

The wisdom of God in the life of Esther is a generational book that no clans can exhaust her strength and power on any matters that relates to life and destiny.

The king was not only waiting to hear Esther but had being made ready by God to do anything Esther command through the wisdom coupled with power of God in her life.

Many are on the altar today dissecting the scripture using an earthy knowledge to resist the diabolical power of the present day which make some situations immovable.

You can’t do without the wisdom of God in your life, business, ministry, family, marriage etc.

Let Us Pray.

1. Thank you oh lord for your divine wisdom upon my life.

2. Oh lord God, flush out in my life every concept of the flesh and make me the true picture of your wisdom.

3. Thank you for an answered prayers oh lord.


Daily Spiritual Journal.

Abraham Olayiwola

Abraham Olayiwola is a dynamic Pastor host regular Empowerment and faith based seminar, an annual social development project, financial and business seminar where believers are taught the undiluted biblical principles and how it can be applied directly in their situations to produce a desirable and lasting result.

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