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Psychology defines a dream as a special kind of imagination. The peculiarity of this image is the picture of the desired future, which though unrealized is believed to happen shortly. The images people receive in their dreams have the following characteristics: bright, lively, concrete with many details, practical ways to realize those dreams, emotionally appealing, a sense of confidence in its possibility, a passionate desire to translate it into reality; creative and clearly expressed features of something new awaiting implementation.

These features help to distinguish illusions from dreams making dreams an important means of awakening the initiative, maintaining human energy in the most difficult conditions of life’s struggle, and a powerful incentive to work for a better future.

As a person builds in his dream the picture of the future, he begins to imagine his life goals better and more clearly, his dreams help him to define and specify his life goals. In other words, a dream is the image of the goal, and the goal is the breakdown of the dream. One’s dream can contain more than one goal.

For example, you dream of being financially independent. Financial independence is a general concept. What does it mean exactly for you? How much do you want to earn per month or year? What level of passive income do you need to achieve so that you can consider yourself financially independent? When you answer these and other questions that specify your dream, and you set the time frame to achieve it, then you can assume that your dream is coming into materialization.” If you cannot imagine a dream with concrete, measurable parameters, consider it as just a “fantasy” or an illusion.

Another example: you dream that in your country, there would be no abandoned children on the streets. You need to specify your goals as to what extent do you want to decrease the level of homelessness, what methods can you use to achieve this, what structures will you work with, is it necessary to establish a charitable foundation, etc.

Our dreams lift us high into the heavens where we get divine ideas, while our goals ” bring us down” from heaven to earth making our dream a reality. It is in goal setting which is the stage of “implementation” that will help us determine where to find the money and other resources for the accomplishment of our dream.

The Advantages of a Dream

So, we have considered the question of why we need a dream. Let’s move on to the benefits of a dream:

  • A dream is a prototype of the future

A dream is a visual picture of your future. When you have a visual “project” of the future, then it is easier to believe in its implementation. It’s like a movie that shows what will happen to you in the future. Your efforts cease to seem like a daily unbearable burden; instead, they turn into steps to success.

  • A dream gives us strength

Our dream lifts us over our dark days. It gives the energy to go further when we want to stop. It gives us inspiration when we are disappointed. A person with a dream unambiguously accomplishes much more in life than without one, overcoming more obstacles and difficulties, because his dream becomes a source of inspiration and energy, prompting him to act constantly.

  • A dream does not allow time wastage

The absence of a dream leads to the squandering of life. If you do not know why you are living today, you will waste your energy and time on irrelevant things, in other words – on frivolities. One morning you will rise and realize that you are already 30, 40, or 50 years old, and your life has gone “down the drain.” When there is a dream, you can distinguish useful things from empty ones; you find the courage to say “no” to useless conversations, offers and all sorts of activities that steal time and energy from you.

 Everyone without exception has talents, and only with a properly organized life schedule, would these talents be tapped into maximally.

  • Our dream helps us to be focused and specific in life; it organizes our life.

With a dream, life becomes definite, you know what you want, and so you live and work in a more focused manner. You are less distracted by someone else’s mission or goals or another person’s understanding of life. You do your thing, and it does not matter who is with you or who is against you. You do not care what your neighbor does, what “fashion” is trending in your higher education institutions, or what the society is chasing after; instead, you are so focused on YOUR DREAM.

  • Dreams help not to focus on difficulties

Life is a series of difficulties and obstacles. A person with a dream does not focus on difficulties, although there are many of them. After all, he knows what he lives for and the purpose of difficulties and challenges. Such a person is focused on the future, on the goal and on the opportunities that will open in the future. But it is so difficult to overcome obstacles when there is no dream: it’s much easier to stop than to continue moving forward.

Dear friends, I believe that you have become convinced that dreaming is necessary and important. Thanks to a dream, life becomes interesting. Many of you might say “but what’s the use of dreaming if I have no money, no resource, and no opportunity to make my dream come true,” Believe me, this is just an excuse. The truth is that there is a system that you need to follow step by step and you will see how easy it is to FIND MONEY FOR YOUR DREAMS and build a system to finance your calling.

Written by: Pastor Sunday Adelaja

c: Abraham Olayiwola

Abraham Olayiwola

Abraham Olayiwola is a dynamic Pastor host regular Empowerment and faith based seminar, an annual social development project, financial and business seminar where believers are taught the undiluted biblical principles and how it can be applied directly in their situations to produce a desirable and lasting result.

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