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You Must Work: Position Yourself To Be Relevant.

Bible Reading: Ex. 36:1-5


And Moses called Bezaleel and Aholiab, and every wise hearted man, in whose heart the LORD had put wisdom, even every one whose heart stirred him up to come unto the work to do it. Ex. 36:2


Stop positioning yourself to be pity by men; you are not the only person in the church, community or in the nation that is affected by the nation instability, unfriendly circumstances and ruthlessness of life conditions.

You must reposition your thinking if that is the cause of your sitting down without doing anything, or change your associates which most time meant be the cause of your life stagnancy and unproductive.

You suddenly attached all situation to the witchcraft wickedness, principalities, household enemy but do you remember you meant be aiding the act of evil wickedness, reproaches and poverty inflicted by the devil and it’s host in your life by your sitting down not doing anything rather than praying and fasting.

Don’t forget that the enemies are also into serious fasting and continuous sacrifice daily to cause you not to be able to think right and determine to take a victorious step of your life through determination.

Prayer and fasting without work to activate the testimony is likening to a dead wood on a crossing road/ bridge.

Bezaleel was not the only craft artisans in the land of Isreal but Positioned and branded himself rightly against the tactics of the devil; don’t forget he also pray and fast like anybody.

Please don’t justify your laziness because of the Nation’ Economic Disorderliness or battles of life; you are not the only one on the war front, Femi Otedola (Business Tycoon), Kola Abiola (Businessman), Eng. Yinka Ogunmokun ( An Engineer and Businessman), Gov. Seyi Makinde, Omoboriowo (Photographer) Linda Ikeji (Blogger and Broadcaster), Conrad Okwogwu (Forex Time), John Maxwell (Writer and Speaker), Anthony Robinson (Writer and Speaker), Funke Akindele (Writer and Movie Practioner), King Sunny Ade (Musician), Tope Alabi(Gospel Musician), Ty Bello (Photographer), Adebanjos, Kukus, Cokers, Pastor E.A. Adeboye , Pastor E.S. Awojide, Pastor Oluwafemi Bankole, Dr. Eneche, Bishop Oyedepo, Pastor Sam Adeyemi Pastor Tim Ogundele-Jesu, Pastor Sunday Adelaja, Pastor Tunde Bakare, Pastor F.S. Adeyinka, Pastor Odeyinka, Pastor Wole Oladiyun, Dr. Olukoya, Evan.Ebenezer Obey, Pastor Tunde Judah, Pastor Peace,  Sowore, Gov. Dapo Abiodun, Judge Kasumu (SAN), Pastor Yemi Osinbajo (Vice President), you can name the rest to fill the gap, your Pastor too are also in the warfront including my humble self but were not being distracted by the gimmick of the devil to stagnant their potential and responsibility in the church and society at large.

You are being deceived that some of them are using charm, good; you have Holy spirit which is better, use his influence to be better and greater.

Devil is very happy  because you are not doing any work talkless of being productive.

Bezaleel is still very much relevant to us in this generation today not because he can pray and fast alone but through his handy work.

Your fasting and prayers is to powered your work, vision, purpose, project, dreams to manifestation; you can’t use it to withdraw money from any national banks even microfinance banks.

Your name cannot be in Guinness book of record because you can fast or use a line to remember you on Forbes Magazine because you are a born again but through your cogent and productive contributions to a the human family in the church and society at large.

Let Us Pray.

1. Thank you oh Lord God for grace to be productive.

2. Oh lord God, deliver me from self, laziness and deception of the devil and help me to be productive in Jesus name.

3. Thank you for an answered prayers.


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