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Bible Reading: Eccl. 3:14-19.
Text: Eccl. 3:15.
That which hath been is now; and that which is to be hath already been; and God requireth that which is past.
It should not get you unaware that no matter the level and stage you are or desire now spiritually and physically, added together are just the past of the Lord.
It is the past of the Lord, the world coming together and appreciating the strength and supremacy of the Lord is nothing but the past of the Lord.
He is waiting at the end of every circumstances of life to justify both the wicked, timid and the just for whatever you deserve that can never be given to someone else.
The scripture is mainly for our admonition, correction, encouragement, calendar of Hope and victory, the Lord is more than a personality that the scripture can encourage outside the fact that he is the originator of all situation the word inclusive, he is the source of himself and end every situation that govern both the earth and other created planet.
He know that there will be a time a particular virus created by man in a bid to change the world and draw the attention of all to them which will eventually boomerang and stall the affairs of human family around the world.
There are witness to this among human family who God open their eyes to see the definite agenda that surround the poison in form of virus, some of the prophecy come through riddles and parable because there are more unbeliever even in the house of the Lord now.
Devil was not a mistake as far as God is concerned because of wrong attention of man toward the will of God toward him. There is nothing that caught God unaware which can make him to loose his rulership position, he is the Mastermind of all all the addition, subtraction and sudden division on the earth which is to set so many wrong path right just for his name to be glorified not minding  the past wreck of the devil amidst human family.
In the book of Genesis, the Lord explained to detail the craftiness of the devil against the purpose of the Lord in the life of the man knowing fully well that he has more of the Lord attention because he was not distracted but focus on the cause of the Lord for his life; it is through this phase of human life that the beast designed a medium to distract man’s attention off the goal of the Lord which the Lord has got man inform earlier to strike off the strategy.
Woman was used against the growth of the Lord mandate in the life of man but God had informed man earlier to strike but no one took cognizance of his point until the event was achieve by the the devil.
God had informed some of the righteous before this whole event that suddenly become the world fight cause that there will be a man made kind of virus that will put the world at the corner of the world but this will be your strength and power during the cause because it will certainly happen for you to know that this is not the end yet but frame out of the glimpse script to cause panic and havoc among human family.
There is no event that will not come without a certain goal or objective to ascertain the operation that is slated with it.
There is an end to it, like the recent event of Corona virus, the end is very close than when it Started.
It is past already, we are at the verge of secret explosion which is the beginning of the end of the virus.
Let Us Pray.
1. Thank you oh Lord for your grace over the recent event and circumstances of life.
2. Oh lord, erase all failure in my future which is your past oh lord.
3. Thank you an answered prayers oh lord.
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