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Bible Reading: 2Sam. 6:7-13.
Text: 2Sam. 6:11.
And the ark of the LORD continued in the house of Obed-edom the Gittite three months: and the LORD blessed Obed-edom, and all his household.
There is no Individual or priest that can perfectly pick to the right point on how God work in the life of His children individually, in this regard you must be sincere enough to be very careful and thread with caution.
Obed-Edom was face with one of the most unforgettable embarrassment from the brethren, priest and the community because of the seem glaring predicament of his life.
Faithful minister/ worker in the house of the Lord, determined to please the lord with his time not minding the wrong attitude of the brethren toward him whose that were expected to stand for their brother and help him to go through his trying period in life with the love of the brethren but was turned down through self distancing and picking the fault of his wretchedness as the bonafide reason of staying away from such individual.
Even the community leaders and associate don’t want to see him because they thought he is forbidden among the brethren which was the reason for his wretchedness and failure of been responsible financially in the society but he stood his ground and continue to serve the Lord without complaining or acting otherwise through brethren neglect and rejection.
He was not tired of doing the right thing in the house of the lord and the community which as not change the thought of people toward him but one day the Lord decided to change his story and turn him to testimony up till this generation.
There is nobody that belief the life of such credible but poor minister of God would everly attract testimony or bring the national label of God transformation.
The ark of God that kills a fellow man was agreed to be taken to his house because he does not attract any value, so if he die; the community will be seriously free from his wretchedness but to the glory of the Lord human expectations toward him was turn to foolishness.
Obed-Edom turned a national testimony because God seriously looked into his life and silent the Mockers of life and reform his life and family.
Everybody that mocked him joined the spectators to celebrate the glory of the Lord in his life.
Doing the will of God without minding the mockery of the adversary is the strength in the day of battle and an anchor of success to defeat the craftiness of the beast against your life.
Within three months, he suddenly turn to be a recognizable friend of important personality in the society, the king inclusive.
There is time limit to that situation you are going through, just be focus and know what  you are really doing.
Don’t be tired as a minister of God, as a child of God don’t be discourage in doing the will of the Lord even among the gentile in the bide please the lord alone; it is your only way out of the terrible tunnel.
Let Us Pray.
1. Thank you for your grace over my life in Jesus name.
2. Oh Lord, silent every mockers of my life to glorify your name oh Lord.
3. Thank you for an answered prayers oh lord.
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