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Bible Reading: Ps. 24:1-10.
Text: Ps. 24:8.
Who is this King of glory? The LORD strong and mighty, the LORD mighty in battle.
The game of chess is a very interesting game, mainly for those that are careful of taking a step, mastering the wrong move of the opponent by stationing your soldiers for the defeat of the adversary.
It is very important to let you know that in the game of chess, the king is the supreme head of the game with supportive strength of the queen, the most alarming and interesting part of the queen on the board of the game is that, the queen has a calculated steps that must not be far from the view of the king.
The king is the authority of the existence of the game and the lick charm of the winner at any point in time.
If the queen is consumed by her expectation through a wrong aspiration, her king which is the authourity of her life and the rest around her life can be out of the game through ordinary soldier of the opponent; the king of the board on the game of life is the supreme God.
God will naturally vacate the life of any saints that is not mindful of His dictative order and instruction.
God has totally withdraw his rulership from the life of so many saints, priest inclusive because of self directive order against the bonafide order of the Lord.
The king of the board of chess will die and the winning will be alotted to the opponent but God will never die but will withdraw and vacate the life of such individual for total possession of the beast.
God must not be taken for granted on any matter at any point in time, God must be given totally priority over your life, family, investment, project, vision, dream etc, this is to the favour of the saints not adding any additional glory to the Lord; God is glory personified from begining to the end and cannot change; allowing him to take charge of your life will automatically privilege such individual to the benefit of who God is in person.
Many are just gallivanting and to people they are seriously in mess through wrong decision that made God to leave the domain of their life, business, marriage, enterprise etc.
There is no where the king is empty on the sit that will not be taken possession of, both spiritual and in physical form.
The game define the meaning of  cautiousness and taking careful steps as regard the place of God in your life as a person.
If God is out of sit in the life of a person, such individual is a great loser that may not regain his glory and honour till his generation pass.
God cannot be compared or put at an arms length no matter what seem right or wanted on all matter of life.
A lot of people had hurt their destiny and cripple the good plan of God in their life because the authourity of their life is out of sit because of self abnormality and disobedience.
One of the way that left the door open and God take his leave out of your life is disregarding his order and his messenger; this really makes God turn off the beauty of His in the life of such individual and open doors of unfortunate things, occurrence and battle In the life of such individual.
In recent times, I discover there will be many challenges in the nation,community, society church, office, collapse of giant industry etc for God is out of sit in the life of many.
Some people go as far as publishing their gruesome thought toward the doing of the Lord making the  messenger of the Lord a yardstick of shame and reproach in their approach, this is one of the most worrisome mistake of life that unseat the king in the journey of such individual.
Don’t you know it disrespectful when you are accusing the lord indisguised.
Accusation is different from petitioning your request.
I see more and unwinning battle in the life of some set of people in the nearest future and the misfortune will be traceable to a wrong Chanel of life.
Let Us Pray.
1. Thank you oh Lord for your esteemed presence in my life to the glory of your name oh lord.
2. Oh lord, let your blood speak for me for mercy to wipe off all my wrong word against You Oh Lord.
3. Thank you for an answered prayers oh lord.
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