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Bible Reading: Song of Solomon 1:5-7.
Text: Song of Solomon 1:6.
Look not upon me, because I am black, because the sun hath looked upon me: my mother’s children were angry with me; they made me the keeper of the vineyards; but mine own vineyard have I not kept.
This is to enlighten you and broaden your understanding about human predicament and misfortune that suddenly became a stubborn and wicked battle amidst the saints which is also affecting the strength of the church productivity.
Devil and it’s host are not so smart to have holden great destiny in ransom and hinder one of the manifestation of the Lord, even priests fall the prey, it is mainly because there is a large vaccum opened for craftiness activities of the devil and it’s host in the life of the saints mainly because of self chosen wrong race of life.
Many have aided the wickedness of the devil in their life through unrealised avenue which is the source of their challenges in life.
Before going to the altar condemning the act of the devil, witchcraft, wizard and principality; kindly check yourself in the light of the word of the Lord and his   instruction as regard the race of your life.
Your race is totally different from that of your acquaintance, associate, well wisher etc but if you neglect the blueprint of your race and begin to follow the blueprint of others mainly because you desire to end the journey of yours like theirs; you will not only fail but end in regret.
Working in others vineyard, ministry, investment, business idea, vision, dream is not wrong if God instructed it but it is a great trap if it is totally against the plan and purpose of God for your life.
Many are law graduate that school calls to bar but heaven does not call to bar, all their white collar shirt and wig are worn out of use because it is a self desired and assume race not the will of God for their life.
Many are Pastor’s on the altar mainly because they are  eloquent and sound but no glory to show for it because God never anointed them for such office.
Getting it right should be your priority in life as a saints.
Stop running the race of your life by your human ideology or circumstantial uprising.
Don’t be upset because you are not rewarded of your effort, because it is not your lane in the first instant, it is just a desire and self wish which is not the divine will of God for your life.
Running is important and must be a right race to avoid poison in your soup; it will be uneatable when you discovered there is a poison in your darling soup, it will suddenly turn a tragedy when you remember all the effort put together to get it done.
It is safer and intelligent to allow the leading of the Holy Spirit to avoid misconception against the Lords divine plan, purpose and glory for your life.
It is a must to run but must be the right race at any point in time.
Let Us Pray.
1. Thank you oh Lord for your strength to run the race ahead of me.
2. Oh Lord, destroy the misconception of the devil against your purpose in my life in Jesus name.
3. Thank you for an answered prayers oh lord.
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