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Bible Reading: Ex. 3:1-12.
Text: Ex. 3:9.
Now therefore, behold, the cry of the children of Israel is come unto me: and I have also seen the oppression wherewith the Egyptians oppress them.
This is one of the gruesome and heart breaking subject and seed that the devil sowed among human family with a perfect strategical idea that make other to be preferred to the neighbor.
Inhumanity act, character and attitude is satanic and must be dealt with ruthlessly for the pain on the victim can be with them forever.
The ungodly act is sown into the soul of man which automatically exchange the godliness in man through satanic self and gang initiation.
Several usually nurse the pain till their demise on the earth, this make the life of man not to be balance because of mental and emotional damage.
The case of the Isrealites is one of the most dirtiest case in the area of human disrespect and wickedness.
Every Egyptian are satanic in picture during their slavery voyage in the land of Egypt; it is satanic seeing a fellow human being enslaving others in a terrible and unusual way.
The Isrealites were raped to death, condemned of uncommitted crime, tireless farm work without wages, shipwrecking because of false accusations, murder without particular crime that warranted such gruesome judgement, government supporting the Egyptian wreckless activities and unconstitutional act against the Isrealites.
The definition of what Isrealites went through in Egypt is perfectly inhuman and ungodly, there is no nation that could charge the country and their lawlessness to the international court of law then but known and some witness the wickedness of the nation against the Isrealites.
It is painful when a daughter or a son of an Isrealites is murdered in a cold blood because of laziness in the farmland and wrong engagement of human activities.
The picture of inhumanity through history is satanic, barbaric and must be chase out of our environment and the society at large.
The Isrealites are going to work for the Egyptian on daily basis without expecting anything in return and if the work does not suit the employer, such individual will be punished for it which can bring anything upon the victim.
The priest were caution of their messages among the congregation for if any message is underline to be an accusation to either the citizen and nation such priest will be faced with charges that can end his life in the dungeon.
It is now an everyday activities in our society from the church auditorium, office, home, school, road, courtyard, barrack etc, everywhere now is tagged with one Inhumane character or the other which is simply against the growth of oneness among humanity throughout the world.
God fought for the Isrealites but the wound is still a scar in human heart for history is repeating herself in our generation.
When a priest cannot be bold of saying the truth and acting as expected because of manhandling of the council Elders, when men are still under slavery of colour in this modern day. It is still much among us here, and a powerful sorry case in our midst daily.
When an expected judge is hiding  the truth and pervert the right of a person because an influencial personality is involved.
It is one of the evil weakness in our midst that must be fought together by all class, space  and mostly within the caucus of human life.
Let Us Pray.
1. Thank you oh Lord for your love and grace of Change in the kingdom of yours oh Lord.
2. Oh Lord, destroy every inhuman activities and character among human family oh lord.
3. Thank you for an answered prayers oh lord.
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