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Bible Reading: John 10:27-30.
Text: John 10:28.
And I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand.
There is no how you decided to describe your problem or you allow your problem to describe your state in life that will ever make your problem to be greater than God.
Many are making mistake by giving much priority to predicament and challenges of life for they thought it is much more than what God could solve.
God is the foundation of the earth and heaven, the initiator and creator of every event, situation of life and every circumstances around every individual.
He knows all thing and without His concept nothing can survive the harsh test of time.
There is nothing you are going through now that has not been one of the problem that God had lid to rest sometimes ago in the life of some set of people in all generation till date. You challenges be it spiritual enchantment or physical harassment that He (God) does not have solution for.
You must be very careful the way and manner of how you carry or present your situation to the Lord in your life at any points in time be it in the presence of the Lord also amidst the people.
The woman with the issue of blood does not need anything than to be healed of the 12 years affliction which has given her a terrible stigma in the society because of the horrible smell that follow her due to the continuous flow of blood but she was not only healed by the Lord but was also totally restore which I known that she will remarry to have beautiful children thereafter.
Your predicament is not as terrible like hers, which has been making you to look down on the potency and power of the Lord healing upon your life.
You are complaining that the Pastor pray for you truly but the problem still persisted, you simply forget that the pastor is not the healer that God heal who you don’t have faith on again.
If your problem is greater than that of the woman with the issue of blood, and more difficult to that of the mad man at the tomb and the whole village and surrounding community are terribly afraid of passing the location of the tomb for he not to harm them, the legions in him are terribly committing a great havoc which everyone are aware time to time but was heal by the appearance of the Lord at the scene of the problem and the whole community were at peace for it and the light shine till date; if your problem exceeded that I know of one thing, it can never be more than God.
You are the one that MUST project your heart rightly for the lord to see you and attend to your case.
No matter what is happening to you right now as you are reading this message or listening to the audio message by 10am that is tangible in the presence of the Lord.
There is nothing that does not know God, your problems and predicament inclusive; every kneel bow at the appearance of the Lord, challenges inclusive. Allowing God in your life is the solution to all those problem in your life because none is greater than the Lord for He created them all.
He Lord over all situation, problem, challenges, unbearable time of life, curse, enchantment etc, nothing lord over Him.
Your problem can only be attended to by the Lord if you solemnly allowed the lord in your life and correct the wrong notion of your heart toward the person of God and His act in your life.
There is no problem or curse of life in the life of any saints that will cause God to be praying or fasting; also there is nothing that you desire from the Lord that He is not more than it.
There is nothing every individual desire and want from the lord putting together the request of every individual in all generation that will make God to be silent but to be glorify because He is the solution to the problem.
Don’t allow yourself to be toss around because of your challenges and problem, some people had married to harbalist because of the problem of their life and that problem never solve but got worse.
Some set of people were toss and woo out of the presence of the Lord to join occultic gang because of solution to their generational curse and predicament, the problem never stopped and some of this victim still died with the shame.
Some hate hearing about God because devil as succeeded in deceiving them that God cannot handle such problem of theirs, and why disturbing yourself from praying, fasting or listening to the servant of God on any matter related to such.
Some are just going to church to mock God with the issues of their life not because they know He can deliver them from the problem.
God is the answer nothing more.
Let Us Pray.
1. Thank you oh Lord for your presence and audience in my life to the glory of your name.
2. Oh God, destroy every appearance and seed of problem and curse in my life in Jesus name.
3. Oh Lord, destroy every antagonist thought against your breakthrough in my life in Jesus name.
4. Thank you for an answered prayers oh lord.
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