Bible Reading: Dan. 1:1-21.
Text: Dan. 1:17.
As for these four children, God gave them knowledge and skill in all learning and wisdom: and Daniel had understanding in all visions and dreams.
Fulfillment of destiny requires some degree of discipline from you which will automatically help and butress the manifestation of God in your life.
There is nothing to replace the word discipline in the life of a man with, such individual must be atone and readily available to be instructed via the intervention of the Holy Spirit.
There are biblical patriarch that till date their lives remains a super blessing of God in our midst, a call to duty whenever such name is mentioned on the altar or on a matter at any gathering.
Bezaleel was not a priest but an artisan that is to responsible to be distracted off the cause of His life, he was known by God and man to be a perfect man on the designation of his life.
He was mentioned to Moses to be the person to be given the contract of building the necessary thing on the altar and in the house of God for the wisdom bestowed upon him through spiritual discipline and self motivated caution of life has made him an outstanding personality.
He was an intelligent artisan, you will always find him with a new innovative and constructive idea that seperates his profile for better consideration to others.
Daniel was a champion in the land of Babylon, was a personality that the king of the foreign nation cannot do without, too responsible, fit for task and perfect individual for the cause of his life to be ignored.
He was a threat to his contemporary, the mouth piece of God among the wicked public leaders in the nation, a prominent and workalic that the king and Ambassadors of nation solemnly believe in his opinion.
There is none of the generational patriarch that can be easily forgotten like ordinary personality, their life will forever be an interesting topic to all generation because of discipline and adhering to the kingdom principles of fulfilling destiny and purpose of God in their life.
There are people of such outstanding  quality in this generation likewise, Bishop David Oyedepo will forever be an interesting topic and personality that generation will always remember for his day to day contribution to the development and enlargement of the kingdom of God and humanity at large.
Such individual are truly a salt that sweeten life and light that lighten the path of other. He is a priest but more interesting personality in some of the area where some people and individual specialised, very industrious, intelligent, outstanding mentor, reader, a prolific writer, spirit filled personality. You must be very sure of what you are bringing to the table when you are with Bishop Oyedepo.
His discipline is out of a normal human content. Am privileged to work under the instruction of God in his life before direction of God brought me here.
Engaging in the biblical principle of fulfilment of destiny is very essential if desire an outstanding record in the archive of destiny, you must be able to adjust your life to suit the manifestation of the Lord in your life.
Asa candler, whenever this name is mention the Doctor that sold the fortune ingredients to him as five hundred dollars will slightly to the heart. He sold the content and Asa candler add some ingredients to it that turn to the household mineral drink throughout the world, Coca-Cola will forever remain in our midst till the world will be no more because one man took to heart to be responsible in his cause to life.
Let Us Pray.
1. Thank you oh Lord for opening my understanding toward pleasing you with my life.
2. Oh Lord, destroy every form of laziness in me against your glory in my life in Jesus name.
3. Thank you for an answered prayers oh lord.
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